Space Exploration Mission Simulation
Posted: 6 November, 2015

Space Exploration Mission Simulation

On Thursday (5 November) the President of the Austrian Space Forum – Gernot Groemer gave an incredible online lecture for Space Challenges.

In the beginning he gave information about the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF). It is a citizen science organization for space professionals and people with a passion for space in collaboration with both national and international research institutions, industry and politics. The organization conducts cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and provides an interface for the Austrian space sector. It also initiates, supports and connects careers, builds and flies. And last but not least – it inspires!

After that Dr. Groemer started talking about the analog missions. It was very intriguing to learn that the mission preparations start about one year before the actual mission. Gernot Groemer showed some nice pictures which gave the participants a better idea of what the training looks like. He also showed some exciting mission experiment examples. Gernot gave the space cadets the opportunity to see part of the spacesuit they use for the analog missions. They were impressed! It was very kind of him to put a Bulgarian flag on top of the suit.

The spacesuit weights 45 kilograms. Dr. Groemer said that you can eat, dring and even go to the toilet inside the suit. “Believe me, sneezing in a spacesuit is a very bad idea!”, that’s why he and his team developed a system which helps in such situations. He stressed out that the suit is part of a system of systems.

Gernot Groemer answered all the questions and inspired the cadets to never stop chasing their dreams!

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