We started with a presentation in front of 30 students from the Professional School for Mechanical Technology „Vladimir Komarov“.
Posted: 30 April, 2015

Space Challenges visit Stara Zagora and Silistra

Last week we had a blast with a great trip to present the Space Challenges program in Stara Zagora and Silistra in central and northeastern Bulgaria, respectively. We were guests to astronomer Nadia Kiskinova and the “Yuri Gagarin” observatory in Stara Zagora on Tuesday, where we presented Space Challenges in front of approximately 20 people interested in space and astronomy. After the presentation, there were many questions about the plans for this year’s Space Challenges program, as well as questions about the accession of Bulgaria to ESA associated member status and what it means for students and ordinary people.

The next day was a real presentation marathon, as we had six meetings scheduled in Silistra, on the Danube river. We were there visiting the „Galileo Galilei“ observatory and were hosted by astronomer Marlena Lyubenova. The presentation at the observatory was last on our schedule, however. We started with a presentation in front of 30 students from the Professional School for Mechanical Technology „Vladimir Komarov“.

Next was the Professional School for Management and Administration „Atanas Burov“, where we met and inspired 25 students with interest in space.

Third on our list was the „Peyo Yavorov“ Language School, where 28 students attended our presentation, some of whom already with a developed interest in Astronomy and attending astronomical olympiads.

We then visited the „Nikola Vaptsarov“ high school, where many of the 30 students had many questions to ask about traveling to Mars and inhabiting the planet. Some of them even volunteered to go on a one-way mission!

The final school presentation was held at the Natural Sciences and Mathematics High School „St. Kliment Ohridski“ – 30 students attended participated actively in our talk, asking questions and requesting more information about the Space Challenges program.

The final presentation was at the Silistra Astronomical Observatory „Galileo Galilei“. We had a good attendance, as 17 young astronomers came in the afternoon to listen about Space Challenges’ unique program and activities.

Although exhausting, this trip was very rewarding and enlightening for us! It was great to see so many young people interested in the wonders of Space science and technology! Stara Zagora and Silistra, thank you! We are looking forward to visiting again soon!

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